Cluster 5 - Climate, Energy & Mobility

This cluster will contribute to prevent the aggravation of climate change by reducing negative impacts of mobility and energy generation. The overarching driving force in this cluster is to accelerate the twin green and digital transitions and the associated transformation of our economy, industry and society, with a view to achieving climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. This encompasses the transition of the energy and mobility sectors to greenhouse-gas neutrality, while boosting their competitiveness, resilience, and the utility they provide to citizens and society.

The work programme 2023-2024 describes the following destinations:

  • Destination 1. Climate science, facilitating the transition to a climate-neutral and resilient society;
  • Destination 2. Cross-sectoral solutions for the climate transition;
  • Destination 3. Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply;
  • Destination 4. Efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy use;
  • Destination 5. Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes;
  • Destination 6. Safe resilient transport and smart mobility services for passengers and goods.

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