About us

As your National Contact Point (NCP), we are your support system for EU funding in Research and Innovation.

This support system, recognized by the European Commission, plays the key role of bridging local stakeholders with the funding opportunities offered by the Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programmes.


NCP Federal BE provides information, specialist advice and individual assistance to potential federal participants in EU funding with the mission to help you showcase the excellence and impact of your research project.

The team is nominated by their national authority and officially recognised by the European Commission. NCPs Federal BE acts as a bridge between the EC and their stakeholders.

NCP network Belgium

NCP structures are adapted and extended to national circumstances and in Belgium, NCPs have been established per federal entity. NCP Federal BE is particularly there to provide professional support on EU funding to the Belgian federal scientific institutions and other federal actors engaged in research and innovation.

Other Belgian NCPs:

The NCP Federal BE team


We provide assistance throughout all stages of your research project, starting with the conception and submission until the implementation and dissemination.

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