Widening Participation & Strengthening the European Research Area (ERA)

The transversal part of Horizon Europe includes two main components :

1. Widening participation and spreading excellence (“Widening”)

The Widening actions aim to bridge the research and innovation gap between the Member States and enhance access to funding possibilities under the Framework Programme.
All organisations eligible in Horizon Europe can participate in Widening actions but only organisations based in Widening countries can participate as coordinators.

The work programme 2023-2024 improves existing widening instruments, and includes new support actions :

  • Teaming : creating new centres of excellence, or modernising existing ones.
  • Twinning : promoting knowledge transfer and exchange of best practices between research institutions of the Widening countries and top-class leading counterparts at EU level.
  • ERA Chairs : increasing the research capacity of Widening universities or research institutions by attracting high-level researchers.
  • COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) : connecting research initiatives across Europe and beyond.
  • European Excellence Initiative : promoting cooperation between higher education institutions and their ecosystems.
  • Excellence Hubs : strengthening regional innovation excellence through innovation ecosystems, and creating linkages between academia, businesses, governments and civil society.
  • ERA Talents : mobility scheme designed to boost interoperability of careers and employability of R&I talents across sectors.
  • Hop On Facility : allowing research institutions from Widening countries to join already ongoing R&I actions under HE Pillar 2 and EIC Pathfinder.
  • Pathways to synergies : providing support for setting up the interfaces between two different funding systems.
  • Dissemination and Exploitation Support Facility.

2. Strengthening the ERA by reforming and enhancing the European Research & Innovation system (“ERA”)

A broad range of topics contribute to achieving this goal, such as: support to national R&I policy reform, promotion of active contribution of citizens to research, Open Science, strengthening gender equality, upholding high ethical standards, enhancing international cooperation. These broad lines are translated into concrete call topics .

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