Work programme cluster 5 'Climate, Energy and Mobility'

Work programme

This cluster will contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment by reducing negative impacts of mobility and energy generation and use on air quality, ecosystems and biodiversity. The overarching driving force in this cluster is to accelerate the twin green and digital transitions and the associated transformation of our economy, industry and society, with a view to achieving climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. This encompasses the transition of the energy and mobility sectors to greenhouse-gas neutrality by 2050 at the latest (as well as that of other sectors not covered by this cluster), while boosting their competitiveness, resilience, and the utility they provide to citizens and society.

The activities foreseen in the work programme support the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By creating more jobs, accelerating economic and social transformation, accelerating digitalisation and by generating innovation-based and inclusive growth, activities will aid Europe's recovery in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, contributing directly to the Commission's priorities of a European Green Deal, a Europe fit for the digital age, and an economy that works for the people.

This cluster 5 will deliver on six specific expected impacts and each expected impact has been transformed into a specific Destination.

Expected Impact (Strategic Plan) Destination (Cluster 5 work programme)
The transition towards a climate-neutral and resilient society and economy will be made possible by means of advanced climate science, pathways and responses to climate change (mitigation and adaptation) and behavioural transformations. Climate sciences and responses.
A clean and sustainable transition of the energy and transport sectors towards climate neutrality, facilitated by innovative, crosscutting solutions. Cross-sectoral solutions for the climate transition.
A more efficient, clean, sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply by means of new solutions for smart grids and energy systems based on renewable energy solutions that perform more efficiently. Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply.
The efficient and sustainable use of energy that is accessible to all will be ensured by means of a clean energy system and a just transition. Efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy use.
A transition towards climate-neutral and environmentally friendly mobility through clean solutions across all transport modes while increasing global competitiveness of the EU transport sector. Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes.
Safe, seamless, smart, inclusive, resilient, climate neutral and sustainable mobility systems for people and goods thanks to user-centric technologies and services, including digital technologies and advanced satellite navigation services. Safe Resilient Transport and Smart Mobility services for passengers and goods.

Destination 1 fosters climate science and therefore helps to identify effective and efficient pathways and responses to climate change. Destination 2 supports different cross-cutting technologies and solutions for climate, energy and mobility applications. Destinations 3 and 4 focus mainly on energy issues – Destination 3 on making energy supply more sustainable, secure and competitive and Destination 4 on reducing energy demand of buildings and industry and enabling their take up a more active role as part of a smart energy system. Destinations 5 and 6 improve the performance of transport modes and mobility solutions – Destination 5 increases the competitiveness and climate/environmental performance of different transport modes and Destination 6 advances mobility services and solutions at system level for passengers and goods.

By means of the programme, special attention will be given to ensuring vibrant cooperation between universities, scientific communities and industry, including small and medium-sized enterprises, and citizens and their representatives, in order to bridge gaps between territories, generations and regional cultures, alongside a focus upon providing for the needs of the young in shaping Europe's future.

The 'Climate, Energy and Mobility' work programme 2023-2024 is published and available online.

The 'Climate, Energy and Mobility' info days for the 2023 call topics was organised on 15 and 16 December 2022. All presentations are available online.

A ‘Climate, Energy and Mobility’ info day for the 2024 call topics will be organised virtually on 17 October 2023.
More information will be available later.

Open Call

Call for proposals 2023 open with deadlines on either 5 September 2023 or 10 October 2023.

More information on the open calls for cluster 5 is available via the 'EC Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal' under ‘Horizon Europe’ and ‘Climate, Energy and Mobility’

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