Work programme cluster 1 'Health'

Work programme

Research and innovation actions under this cluster will play a key part in addressing health-related challenges by advancing knowledge and capabilities, improving our understanding of health and diseases, developing innovative methodological and technological solutions to better manage health and diseases, and designing sustainable approaches for the digital transformation and delivery of integrated, person-centred and equitable health and care services involving improved accessibility and health outcomes supported by needs-driven innovation and reliable supply chains in Europe.

However, it will also depend on the actors on the ground – those receiving, supporting and delivering health and care services in local communities, regions and countries – accepting, supporting, taking up, scaling up and implementing the recommendations and innovative solutions developed through research and innovation, in order to achieve the desired impacts.

Research and innovation actions supported under this cluster should therefore mobilise researchers from academic institutions, research organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large companies, as well as citizens and patients, patients' associations, providers of health and care services and regulatory instances. To maximise the benefits of EU investments and support the EU in achieving its goals, the health cluster will promote and foster synergies with public health policies at national and regional level, with other EU programmes and policies. It will benefit from the participation of health-related European research infrastructures that are able to offer tailored research support services to activities across all destinations under the health cluster.

Under the work programme 2023-2024 , the following destinations are described:

Destination 1. Staying healthy in a rapidly changing society
Destination 2. Living & working in a health-promoting environment
Destination 3. Tackling diseases & reducing disease burden
Destination 4. Ensuring access to innovative, sustainable & high-quality Healthcare
Destination 5. Unlocking the full potential of new tools, technologies and digital solutions for a healthy society
Destination 6. Maintaining an innovative, sustainable & globally competitive health industry

The Cluster 1 work programme 2023-2024 is published.

The Cluster 1 'Health' Infoday took place on 2 July 2021, the presentations are available.
The Cluster 1 'Health' Infoday for the 2022 Calls for Proposals took place on 28 October 2021, the presentations are available.
The Cluster 1 'Health' online Infoday for the 2023 Calls for Proposals took place on 19 January 2023, the presentations are available.
The Cluster 1 'Health' online Infoday for the 2024 Calls for Proposals took place on 1 June 2023, the presentations are available.

Open Call

The call openend on 22 June 2021, deadline 21 September 2021.

Call for proposals 2024 open - 
Deadline for two-stage proposals: 1ste stage 19 September 2023 and 2nd stage 11 April 2024.
Deadline for single stage proposals: 11 April 2024.

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