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The overall objective of the Research Infrastructure Programme under Horizon Europe is to empower Europe through world-class and accessible Research and Technology Infrastructures. Research Infrastructures (RIs), including the European Open Science Cloud, and Technology Infrastructures (TIs) are crucial enablers of research and innovation and drivers of multidisciplinary and data-intensive science. Europe will benefit from an integrated, inter-operable and effective ecosystem of RIs and TIs that helps covering the continuum of needs from fundamental knowledge creation to technology deployment and supports the implementation of Open Science policies as well as European technology leadership.

The RI work programme under Horizon Europe will address the global environmental, social and economic challenges, in line with the renewed ERA, which requires an explicit contribution of research and technology infrastructures into Europe's wider policy objectives, thus maximizing the contribution of science and technology to the needs of the society and increasing Europe's competitiveness.

The RI work programme is structured around the following five Destinations:

Destination 1 - Developing, consolidating and optimising European RIs landscape, maintaining global leadership to contribute to a strong, excellent and impactful European Research Area, by reinforcing RI capacities in Europe, their role at the global level and the policy-making in this field;
Destination 2 -  Enabling an operational, open and FAIR EOSC ecosystem, aiming at delivering a "Web of FAIR Data and Services" for Science: a trusted virtual environment supporting Open Science, based on key horizontal core functions, with their corresponding e-infrastructures, and service layers accessible to researchers across disciplines throughout Europe;
Destination 3 - RI services to support health research, accelerate the green and digital transformation, and advance frontier knowledge, with a focus on the provision of RI services to enable R&I addressing major societal challenges, notably in health, in support of the green and digital transformation and ensuring resilience to crises as well as to support curiosity-driven research and advancement of frontier knowledge in large scientific domains;
Destination 4 - Next generation of scientific instrumentation, tools and methods and advanced digital solutions, to enable new discoveries and keep Europe's RIs at the highest level of excellence, while paving the way to innovative solutions to societal challenges and new industrial applications, products and services;
Destination 5 - Network connectivity in Research and Education – Enabling collaboration without boundaries, providing high-bandwidth networks and network services to interconnect researchers, data and computing resources in a non-discriminatory way regardless of the location of the users and the resources to allow scientists to conduct excellent research.

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