General introduction

Applying for European research funding is highly competitive. Selecting the best projects to be funded, with the highest potential for creating the intended impact, will be decisive for the success of the programme.

But if you are a federal scientific institution or a federal organisation and you want to participate in Horizon Europe, you can contact one of the federal NCPs (National Contact Points).
The NCP Federal BE does not follow all the topics that form part of Horizon Europe but for more detailed information, see the page containing Topics followed by NCP Federal BE.

If you are looking to finance your idea, visit the European Commission 'Funding & Tender opportunities' Portal in order to find opportunities for your idea, to find partners to build your consortium and to learn about creating your account, register your organisation and submit your proposal.

Under Horizon 2020, this European Commission portal served for Research and Innovation funding, but in Horizon Europe the portal has evolved into a one-stop shop for all managed European Union programmes.

Good to know

You want to prepare a proposal under Horizon Europe?
Let it be succesful. Put all the chances on your side and watch the Webinars organised by the EC on 24 March and 21 April 2021.

The webinar on 24 March 2021 dealt with the following themes: Submission and evaluation of proposals and The rules of the game (the Model Grant Agreement).

The webinar of 21 April 2021 dealt with the new approach to impact following the Key Impact Pathways; Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication; Open Science; Gender dimension and the “Do no significant harm” principle.

Following the publication of the Horizon Europe work programme 2021-2022 on 15 June 2021 and the calls for proposals on 22 June 2021, the Horizon Europe programme guide was launched.The guide offers “detailed guidance on the structure, budget and political priorities and other relevant background of the Horizon Europe programme relevant for preparing the proposal.” The guidance contains information on a broad variety of topics such as partnerships and missions, gender equality and open science.The document is complementary to the Funding and Tenders opportunities portal 2021-2027 online manual, the general annexes of the Horizon Europe work programme 2021-2022 and the annotated grant agreement (AGA).
Horizon Europa Programme Guide

Does Article 22(5) apply to your call?
Article 22 of the Horizon Europe Regulation determines which legal entities are eligible to participate in calls. Paragraph 5 of this article makes it clear that in some cases additional restrictions on participation may be imposed on certain entities. These restrictions apply for justifiable and exceptional reasons, as they relate, for example, to actions related to EU strategic assets, interests, autonomy or security.
If Article 22(5) applies to a call, legal entities controlled directly or indirectly by non-associated third countries or by legal entities from non-associated third countries will not be able to participate in that call or only under restrictive conditions. If these entities can participate under restrictive conditions, they will have to provide certain guarantees.
To ensure a streamlined approach under the Horizon Europe programme for checking the necessary documents, each Member State should designate a national authority that will analyse the approval of the guarantees under Article 22(5) of the Horizon Europe Regulation. For our country, the FPS Economy will take on this role and will be in close contact with the European Commission and the FPS Science Policy.